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CELLULAR LIFE COMPLEX®: Designed to rebuild the skin. It consists of 56 biological active ingredients, all essential to the life and regeneration of epidermal cells. The complex supplies the elements necessary to cell life for their growth

DERMOSTIMULINES®: Have an exceptional effect on cell renewal. They make the skin smoother and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The formula is enriched with DNA, a precious molecule in the cell nucleus with exceptional moisturising properties

LYMPHOKININE®: Improves skin tolerance by combining an instant soothing action to reduce discomfort of irritations with a protective action that reinforces the skin’s natural defences

ACNICIDINE®: A compound with five powerful active ingredients to reduce blemishes, normalise excess sebum and balance, minimise dilated pores and eliminates shine

HYDROCYTE COMPLEX®: This powerful moisturising complex binds water to the cells in a sustainable manner and slows evaporation

HYDROPLASME®: A multi-moisturising compound created to moisturise deep within skin cells. It binds water durably to the heart of the cellular structure

BULBAÏNE®: Slows hair regrowth & soothes irritation