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Youth boosting serum with Hyaluronic Acid

Guinot Sérum Anti-Âge Longue Vie+

Rejuvenating action enforced by its optimised formula 56 Cellular Ingredients

Youth boosting serum
Leave the skin feeling smooth, toned, and radiant
56 Cellular Ingredients: (20 Amino Acids, 14 Vitamins, 14 Biological Ingredients and 8 Active Ingredients required for cellular life): they supply elements that are essential to the life and development of skin cells

Hyaluronic Acid:Low Molecular weight:

fragmented into small active segments, these molecules penetrate the epidermis and act as a signal to trigger the synthesis of natural hyaluronic acid to densify the skin

High molecular weight: these larger molecules remain on the epidermis surface and settle into the wrinkles and fine lines to visibly plump them up

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Youth boosting serum with Hyaluronic AcidSérum Anti-Âge Longue Vie+


Apply morning and evening to the entire face after cleansing thoroughly, as a treatment course before the moisturiser. Avoid eye contour.

Target zone: Face

Skin Type: Sensitive


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Sérum Anti-Âge Longue Vie+
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