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Stressed Skin Mood Kit

Stress can make your skin become dryer as cortisol slows down the production of oil, making the skins texture feel rough and visibly flaky, so the Stress Skin Mood Kit would be ideal to recommend. Crème Nutri Confort helps to restore lipids and the

Masque Essentiel Nutri Confort replenishes the skin with oils that have diminished. This is due the hero ingredient of essential oils, a combination of wild thyme, rosemary, and lavender.

  • Masque Essentiel Nutri Confort
  • Crème Nutri Confort
  • X 2 Cleansing Pads

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Stressed Skin Mood Kit


Discover our collection of 5 Mood Kits designed to balance hormonal affects on the skin. Seek advice from your local Guinot Therapist for their recommended Skin Mood Kit for your specific skin concerns.

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Stressed Skin Mood Kit
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